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Patient Resources

Space Center Dental thanks you for choosing us as your Dental Home.  We look forward to meeting and addressing your needs and concerns.


Upon walking into our office you will be greeted by our friendly staff and asked to fill out 1 form to help us familiarize ourselves with you including important contacts and medical history.  Your photo will be taken to create your personal profile and your visit will be explained to you regarding insurance coverage, if any, and questions will be answered for you beforehand.

*NOTE: As part of your medical history, It is important for you to know the name of any medications you are taking and its use.  We will ask you about any surgeries or medical conditions including but not limited to the dental field i.e. Open Heart Surgery, High Blood Pressure, Allergies to Antibiotics, etc.


Dental X-Rays are images of your teeth that Dr. Tavakkoli will use to evaluate your oral health. These X-Rays use low levels of radiation that capture images necessary for a proper diagnosis. Our office uses digital X-Rays which is even lower than regular film X-Rays; Regardless, a lead bib will be placed over you to prevent any unnecessary radiation exposure to your vital organs. X-Rays help us see things that are not visible clinically, for example: bone loss, decay between your teeth or underlying asymptomatic infections (showing no symptoms).


Dr. Tavakkoli will examine your file reviewing previous dental history, important medical information you’ve reported and any medications that you have or are currently taking.  X-Rays taken will be reviewed and an Intraoral Exam will be done to determine any pathologies or concerns and uniquely customize a treatment plan catered towards maximizing your oral health.  At this time any questions you may have will be answered.

Treatment: Anesthetics & Nitrous

When scheduled to return for treatment we ask that you arrive at your designated appointment time as this space has been reserved especially for you.  We understand that unexpected situations may arise and we ask for a courtesy call to inform us of such.

Having a meal before your appointment is recommended in case your treatment may require anesthetic that would prevent you from eating afterwards.  Meals are to be light if you are considering using Nitrous Oxide as it may or may not make you feel nauseous.  We welcome parents or guardians to be present at all times in either exam or treatment rooms to encourage a positive experience for the entire family.

Contacting Us After Hours

Our office is dedicated to giving you the best service possible. If you feel you are experiencing a concern needing immediate attention, our office number is available to receive calls after hours as well.